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AIX Core Dump 분석

유용한 명령어

  • core dump 만들기
kill -3 <pid>
  1. dbx로 running process 분석
dbx -d<depth> -a <pid>
ex) dbx -d 300 -a 12345
  • dbx에서 thread 정보 확인
  • dbx에서 특정 thread의 상세 정보 확인
th info <thread no>
  • 특정 프로세스의 Thread 상황
ps -p <pid> -mo THREAD
  • errpt로 에러 확인
errpt -a > errpt.txt

분석 사례

JavaCore에서 state의 의미

  • The values of state can be:
코드 이름 설명
RRunnablethe thread is able to run when given the chance.
CWCondition Waitthe thread is waiting. For example, because: (1) A sleep() call is made (2) The thread has been blocked for I/O (3) A synchronized method of an object locked by another thread has been called (4) The thread is synchronizing with another thread with a join() call
SSuspendedthe thread has been suspended by another thread.
ZZombiethe thread has been killed.
PParkedthe thread has been parked by the new concurrency API (java.util.concurrent).
BBlockedthe thread is waiting to obtain a lock that something else currently owns.

장애 진단을 위한 모니터링 가이드

1) IBM의 비슷한 사례
2) IBM Java Diagnostics
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